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What You Must Know About Eye Safety And How To Avert Vision Loss

Every day, life presents many threats to our eyes and vision. But sadly, only a few people care about eye safety.

Safety glasses infographicOur eyes are delicate, and sometimes, permanent loss of vision can result from minor injuries. Therefore, it is essential to take some precautions to protect your eyes. As one of the renowned professionals that offer comprehensive eye care services, we have written this article at MyEyeCare to safeguard your eyes and prevent vision loss. Let’s start with the causes of eye injuries.

The Causes Of Eye Injuries

There are several causes of eye injuries today. According to a report published by Prevent Blindness, accidents that involve household products lead to 125,000 eye injuries yearly. Also, more than 2,000 workers get injured at work daily, with nearly 20 percent of these injuries leading to permanent or temporary vision loss. Here are the most frequent causes of eye injuries at work:

  • Chemicals– Acids, gasoline, and solvents
  • Flying Objects– Plastic, glass, and metal
  • Tools– Wrenches and screwdrivers
  • Harmful Radiation– Ultraviolet rays and welding arcs
  • Wind-blown And Air-blown Particles– Sand, dust, and wood
  • Fingernails– When removing or fixing contact lenses.
  • Blunt Trauma– When someone or something hits your eye.
  • Cleaning And Gardening Tools
  • Mascara Brushes
  • Champagne Corks
  • Battery Acid
  • Eye Curlers
  • Toys with sharp and hard edges
  • Falls
  • Fireworks

Preventing Eye Injuries At Home And Work

While the causes of eye injuries are many, there are simple precautions that can help prevent them! First, when you are engaged in an activity that could potentially harm you, avoid distractions. In addition, whenever you are working with tools or other objects close to your eyes, steer clear of multitasking. Finally, wear protective goggles, safety glasses, and other eyewear for maximum eye safety when the task you are about to do calls for that. But in the event of an eye injury, what can you do?

The Right Steps To Take After An Injury

If you sustain an injury to the eye, consult with an eye doctor immediately. Many reputable eye doctors have emergency contact numbers to attend to eye injuries on weekends and after normal business hours. If the situation is not critical, your doctor might want you to flush your eyes with sterile saline solution or water before visiting. Or they might recommend that you head straight to a hospital emergency room. If you have contact lenses, speak with your doctor to know if it is proper to take them off or leave them. Flushing your eyes immediately after chemical contacts will dilute and rinse off any potentially toxic substances. However, when in doubt, treat your condition as an emergency, and get in touch with an eye doctor. Just remember, you only have one pair of eyes. Take good care of them!

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